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Notes from the Road: Love Knows No Boundaries (Except for Skiing)

"Come on. You just have to lean back and keep your ski tips out of the snow." I looked up at him, squinting spite through the layer of snow that coated my goggles, pausing only to let my mouth go...

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Notes from the Road: The 5 Best Cross-Country Ski Trails in Yellowstone Country

  As evidenced by my escapades a few weeks ago, I’m not the world’s best cross-country skier. Since I’ve been practicing my technique on a few easy trails around Bozeman and...

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Notes from the Road: How to Fish in the Winter

  (Author’s note: I had this conversation in the Griz, an après-ski bar at the base of Bridger Bowl. Or, as an acquaintance once told me, "That place where all the hippie ski bums hang...

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Notes from the Road: The Official Rules of a Powder Day

Two things characterized my first winter in Montana’s Yellowstone Country: I didn’t have a car (yes, I biked. All. Winter. Long.) and I bought my first-ever ski pass. That first year, I...

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Notes from the Road: How a Yellowstone Country Kid Grows Up

I grew up in a snowy place. A place that was gray and stormy and was somewhere in the Minnesota - Maine corridor, where winters were fierce, the snow was wet and the local Prozac prescription per...

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